The PIT-37 tax return in Poland is the most common tax return. This article will tell you if you too should or should reach for it. You will learn how to deduct allowances and how to avoid mistakes when filing PIT-37 with an online return.

PIT-37 in Poland- For whom?

PIT-37 is the most commonly filed PIT in Poland. In 2022, more than 20 million taxpayers reached for this form, and PIT-37 settlements accounted for more than 83% of all tax returns filed. We, too, should reach for it if we belong to at least one of the following groups:

-we are employees (i.e., employed under an employment contract),
-we are a contractor (we work on the basis of a contract of mandate) or we work on a management contract,
-we earn income from a work contract, copyright or other property rights,
-you are retired or on a pension and want to settle additional allowances, or during the year you also had other income (normally pensioners are settled by the pension authority, i.e. the Social Insurance Institution).

Check out the most convenient way to settle PIT-37 with the secure and fast Pitbot program in the online version in English.

PIT-37 – By when?
PIT-37 for 2023, like most tax returns, must be filed by April 30, 2024.

At the same time, the PIT-37 form automatically filled out by the tax office can be found as part of the Your e-PIT service at
It is worth looking into it until April 30, 2024, because it is on this day that it will be automatically accepted in the system.
This will happen if we don’t send the PIT-37 by hand earlier or reject the one prepared by the office. After 30 kweitnia, on the other hand, we will be able to correct it, but already in correction mode.

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You can check your PIT-37, for example, using the program. Take advantage of the reliefs easily and quickly, and send the ready declaration directly to the tax office.

It is worth remembering that the sooner you file your PIT-37 return, the sooner you will receive your tax refund! The fastest way to receive a tax refund is by settling online. Tax offices with electronic settlement have a maximum of 45 days to refund the tax overpayment (counting from the date of filing the return). As a rule, however, it happens even faster. In 2019, for example, the average waiting time for a tax overpayment refund was 17 days.

How to file  PIT-37 2023 online?
There are two types of online settlements available to taxpayers this year:

1) Your e-PIT service
Taxpayers who settle on PIT-37 forms, among others, can use the Your e-PIT service mentioned above. This is an opportunity to settle through the e-Filing service provided by the Ministry of Finance.

There we will find the PIT-37 for 2022 automatically filled out for us. With this option, the taxpayer theoretically doesn’t have to do anything, as the tax return has been completed for him based on the data sent by the payers to the tax offices. Mainly, these are PIT-11 declarations. In practice, however, it is worth logging into your account on the portal and checking whether you are sure everything has been filled in correctly. After all, we can reduce the tax by taking advantage of various tax credits and deductions, which will not always be included in the automatically prepared return. When checking your PIT, don’t forget to donate 1.5% of your tax to Public Benefit Organizations!

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2) Online settlement – PIT tax return program
All taxpayers can also continue to settle online using settlement programs available on the market and file PIT-37 electronically through the e-declarations system. The PIT program intuitively guides the taxpayer through the entire process of filling out the return, minimizing the risk of error or making calculations for us. In the program it is also very easy to settle the deductions we are entitled to or take advantage of other tax preferences. From the program level, we can simultaneously send the declaration and receive the PIT Official Receipt (the so-called UPO), which finalizes the process of mandatory PIT settlement.

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